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Erin & Dan x
Jennifer and Dorry (hamster)
1/16/2012 12:41:45 am

Loved the site. i have a winter white girl and she loves her new zoozone i saw them on the page for dwarf cages and i love it so much too. Buy it everyone!!!!! :)

1/16/2012 12:43:33 am

I like the information on roborovskis. Looking forward to your first litters, I might have to contact you about a baby roborovski next year!

3/12/2012 10:36:18 am

hi I have to winter white girls! Can you PLZ sub me on YouTube? Winterwhitehammie69
I love your vids and website

4/12/2012 06:18:29 pm

I love your web! It is soooooo coooool! :D x

4/24/2012 09:34:50 am

Great info, thx

Max Platten
8/9/2012 05:39:11 am

Quick question , I have two agouti robovorski hamsters that live together and one Syrian. The Syrians cage is too small and need a new one but I have bought loads of new cages and the bar cages she chews on and monkey bars on even with toys and chews in the cage, the plastic ones she nibbles the corners of them and now have three with seriously big wholes in them! What do I do next??

8/9/2012 06:43:42 am

Hi Max, it sounds like quite a predicament you are in! When you upgrade her cages how big do you go to? Some Syrians will require huge cages like the ZooZone 2, Alexander or Rat & Rodent 100 cage all 100cm+ in lenght. If you have tried her in these bigger cages and she still chews the bars it may be time to invest in a glass aquarium!

There are many aquariums available to buy cheaply on eBay or you could ask around your friends to see if anyone has one they are willing to sell to you. A Syrian will need at least a 3 foot aquarium but if you can fit/afford a bigger one then it would make a huge difference to your ham! If you are handy at DIY you could also look into what some owners have created using the Detolf glass cabinet available in IKEA. There are lots of wonderful examples of this online and some great instructions at the forum Hamster Central (http://hamstercentral.com).

Good luck trying to fix your hammies naughty habit!

Erin x

Max Platten
8/16/2012 03:16:56 am

Hi Erin, thanks !! This has made a huge difference and my Syrian is now in a 5 foot aquarium and she loves it!! I've got another question though, because the tank is so big and I've still two other cages to fill with bedding it has become a lot more expensive! I was wondering if you could tell me what bedding your Hammies are on?? And is it cheaper than care fresh?? You have been a great help to me and I subscribed to you on YouTube and love your videos!! Watched every single one , no joke!! Thanks

9/3/2012 03:51:12 am

THX for info

11/28/2012 05:04:25 am

I love all your hams and LOVE your videos! Glad to hear cwtch is happy and the litter is well. good look!

grace xx

12/14/2012 05:56:26 pm

is weebly really free?
PLZ!!! reply i want to so so badly!

3/4/2013 02:13:51 am

I love the website, I also love your YouTube channel. I'm just making a hamster website. I have 2 Campbell's russian dwarf hamsters called Kiki and peaches and they are about 3 months old. Just wondering do you have to live in Wales to get a hamster? I live no where near Wales but I think u are a good breeder, so I wanted to get 1 of u... Thanks :)

Sandra, Florida, USA
4/18/2013 11:35:04 pm

I love your Youtube site. I have a question, my hamster eats good, he eats the ( dried corn ) in his feed; but he does "not" chew on any chewy things/toys. He is very friendly, sleeps all day, get up at 1:00AM runs for hours on this 16 inch wheel (very fast), loves his sand; but not in interested in toys, tubs, or chewys. Is it okay he does not chew on toys/chewy?

11/3/2013 08:04:25 am

I love the website! I also love your youtube, but I know that alot of the hamsters you have on this website, are no longer with you. Please update it(I don't mean to sound naggy, but I am interested!) Thanks, Elizabeth :)
P.S. I have a unrelated weebly website with the same background. Tee-hee Twinsies!

11/3/2013 08:05:47 am

P.P.S. I have Russian Campbell dwarf hamster(hybrid). His name is Zipper!

me, me, me andmy pets
1/17/2014 05:48:36 am

on the hamster cages please my u put the pick and mix brand coss thay are large like the ones that u have recommended

1/17/2014 07:08:13 am


This website has not been in use for a very long time as the message on the home page states. Please visit the newer website for up to date hamster care. http:://erinshamsters.wix.com

The pick and mix cage is a very small cage and far below minimum size. It is only 54x45cm and the smallest cage a hamster can live in is 80x50cm. For this reason it is not included on the site and will not be added to the recommended cages list.

Erin :) x

1/17/2014 07:10:09 am

my apologese I spelt the address of the new site wrong in the above comment. Its -

Erin :) x

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